You are looking to develop your own or company website, but you don’t know which CMS you should be using. I would strongly suggest using WordPress.

WordPress is the largest content management platform and allows maintaining a database of information. It could be video or audio files, text, photographs and we can display and format the information based on our requirements.  Why is it so popular? Why developers prefer it so much? Is it better compared to few other platforms available in the market? Let’s find out. Here are few reasons.

The Total Cost of Ownership and Management:

WordPress is an Open source project and community software, it is free for everyone to use, where all the source code is free to download, Install, edit it and easily findable and available for all users. That is the reason there does not cost of ownership involved and Management of the website are very easy and simple so total Cost of management is lesser than other platforms. As it is free and you can download it from website with unlimited validity and install on any web host.

Its easy to create website using wordpress

Easy to Use: Create any website

WordPress websites are fairly easy to use and manage and you can create any website such as an e-commerce, blog, photography, membership, directory, classified ads etc. Millions of people are using WordPress and new people are joining the WordPress community to understand and creating first WordPress websites. You have to just a one click installation and it is ready for use. After that, you can start creating and publishing own blogs.

WordPress is a great choice for any website because of its flexibility, extensibility, and scalability.

Extendable by using Themes and Plugins features:

Most of the people start using WordPress without any prior technical knowledge of designing websites and creating blogs. WordPress has lots of free themes to choose from and easy to customize the theme and create your own website look. It will allow you to change, create or modify all the options without any coding involved. You can choose premium themes from WordPress theme repository, where premium themes offer better functionality.

WordPress has over 42,000 Plugins in the repository and premiums Plugins are also available from outside sources. Usually, Plugins use for to add functionality to any WordPress theme. There are few Plugins which can add a new platform to your WordPress website.

Search Engine Optimization Favorable:

WordPress is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and favourable. WordPress SEO Plugins is one of the best Plugins tools for SEO optimization. With WordPress SEO Plugins you can make it more SEO friendly. It is written standard code and produces the result which makes your site favourable and attractive to search engines.  It has been well designed and highly maintained.

Protect against risk:

WordPress is securely developed and safe to run any website. WordPress provides updates to protect your website from any threat or hackers. Also, it has a general security method which allows your website more secure and risk-free.


WordPress is easy to use CMS platform that you can launch your website in just a few minutes with all functionality and customized features. You can initiate with the basic site and always improve and upgrade your website with more innovative ideas and features depend on your business.

Integrate with Multiple Media:

You can perform any functions with WordPress without any limitation. It is not used for writing text as it has a text editor. But WordPress comes with built-in support functionality to handle audio and video contents, insert images, upload and modify files. Moreover, it supports different media types; you can enable website which you can embed you tube, Instagram, tweets.

Updates and notifications:

The core WordPress files receive updates and notification on a regular basis. You have to always keep an eye on updates and notifications and follow the steps accordingly.

It includes Themes and Plugins updates. These updates will improve security and secure from any risk and allows fixing bugs from the website.

Wrapping it up:

In short, WordPress is a user-friendly CMS and one of the recommendable options for your website. We have covered few of the most important features to get a better understanding and idea to achieve your ideas for developing a website. It has potential specifications which any skilled user can build a site and custom it.